Pressio Spine Solutions

CONTINUUM ACDF Nitinol Fixation System

The Pressio Spine CONTINUUM ACDF Nitinol Implant is a continuous compression fixation device with FDA clearance for single-level anterior cervical intervertebral body fixation (C3 through C7) in conjunction with a cervical interbody fusion device filled with autograft.

CONTINUUM ACDF Nitinol Implants

  • Shape Memory Nickel-Titanium alloy design provides continuous compression across the disc space throughout the fusion process
  • Monolithic design that requires no adjunct hardware
  • Multiple size offerings to address anatomic considerations

CONTINUUM ACDF Instrumentation

  • Size specific, single-use, sterile implant instrument kits
  • Small package maximizes efficiency in the O.R.
  • Ideal for inpatient and outpatient centers
CONTINUUM ACDF Instrumentation


  • Streamlined surgical technique
  • Simple and intuitive site preparation
  • One step implant insertion and activation